Cole Watts


See what people have to say about Cole.

“Cole is the ultimate team player — and his team WINS! He’s passionate about building a culture of enthusiasm and respect, and as my Marketing Manager, he always encouraged me to be my best, and coached me when I fell short.” – Heather Leah, Marketing Coordinator Town of Cary

“Cole is a rare breed of marketer that blends tech savvy with networking prowess. His unending desire to help others is self evident from the work he’s done with the Triangle Marketing Club and every relationship he’s fostered in the numerous other networking and professional projects he embarks on. Three things you can count on with Cole are compassion, commitment, and over-delivery. ” – Neal Isaacs, Co-Founder Triangle Sales Think Tank Group

“If you are seeking someone reliable, Cole is your guy. Always accessible and always friendly, Cole is happy to help. I know I can count on Cole in any instance, as he has a proven track record of delivering. Not only does Cole execute what you ask of him, he also does it well.” – Kelsey Swanson, Communications Specialist Lord Corporation